TRAC recently hosted a groundbreaking webinar that delved into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of engineering. The webinar spotlighted Anoosha Tahir, a renowned biomedical engineer with specialized research interest in Machine Learning algorithms and their applications in predicting cancer. The session was supervised by the erudite Dr. Naveed Khan Baloch, advisor of TRAC, who shared his profound knowledge on AI and its implications in engineering.

Understanding AI was a key focus of the webinar. The session provided a comprehensive definition of AI and its fundamental components. It delineated the distinction between narrow AI and general AI, and provided an overview of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. This was an enlightening segment that established a strong foundation for the subsequent discussions

The potential of AI in engineering is limitless. In this webinar, various applications of AI, ranging from predictive maintenance and fault detection, optimization of systems and processes, to intelligent control systems and autonomous vehicles, were explored. Highlights included discussions on CAD and generative design, the utilization of VR and AR in engineering, and the role of AI in energy management and sustainable engineering solutions.

Despite the promising potential of AI, the webinar did not shy away from addressing its challenges and ethical implications. Issues such as job displacement, ensuring transparency and accountability in AI algorithms, potential biases, and balancing innovation with privacy and data security were discussed.

Finally, the webinar ended on a high note with a recap of key points and a lively Q&A session where participants’ questions and concerns were addressed. Dr. Naveed Khan Baloch provided closing remarks and shared valuable resources for further learning