On December 8th, TRAC Society organized a future counseling seminar on ethical hacking. The event was aimed at educating students on the ethical aspects of hacking and the significance of cybersecurity. The seminar was conducted by the experienced trainer, Muhammad Umair, who shared his knowledge on the subject and discussed various ethical hacking techniques with the participants.

The seminar comprised of a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of ethical hacking, and covered topics such as penetration testing, network security, and vulnerability assessment. Through practical examples and real-life scenarios, the trainer demonstrated the importance of ethical hacking and its potential impact on the security of the digital world.

The event was a great success, with a large number of participants attending and showing keen interest in the subject. The attendees were provided with a detailed insight into ethical hacking and its applications, which can help them to pursue a career in this field.

TRAC Society is committed to organizing events that provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their knowledge and skills in emerging technologies. The success of the ethical hacking seminar has reinforced the society’s commitment to delivering high-quality educational programs and promoting a culture of innovation and learning among its members.