TRAC Society recently hosted an exceptional webinar on graphic designing, which took place on the 25th and 26th of February. The event featured two highly knowledgeable speakers, Aqsa Sher and Yazdan Bajwa, who are both Co-Heads of TRAC’s Graphic Design Team.

The webinar was focused on educating and inspiring students about graphic designing, AI tools, and freelancing workspaces and their environment. Aqsa Sher and Yazdan Bajwa shared their expertise and experience in the field, providing valuable insights and tips for the participants.

The two-day event was a huge success, with students from different universities and educational backgrounds participating in the webinar. The speakers demonstrated their extensive knowledge and experience in the field and delivered their presentations with great enthusiasm and clarity. They also provided hands-on experience to the participants, helping them to understand the intricacies of graphic designing.

TRAC Society has always been committed to empowering students and providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. The Graphic Designing Webinar was another step towards achieving this goal. It not only educated the participants about the latest trends and tools in the field but also helped them to develop practical skills that are in high demand in the industry.

Overall, the Graphic Designing Webinar was a highly informative and engaging event that left the participants with a better understanding of the world of graphic designing.