TRAC Society organized an event on Huawei ICT Briefing, which was a huge success. The event was aimed at providing a roadmap for Huawei ICT competition to the students of UET Taxila. The speaker at the event, Dr. Zeeshan Iqbal, an assistant professor in UET Taxila and certified trainer of Huawei ICT Academy, was highly knowledgeable and engaging.

During the event, Dr. Zeeshan Iqbal gave a comprehensive overview of the Huawei ICT competition and discussed all the relevant details. He provided valuable insights and tips to the attendees that were highly appreciated.

Abdullah Anas and Kashaf Muzaffar were selected as ambassadors from CPED for the Huawei ICT Competition 2022-23. This is a huge achievement for them and a great opportunity to showcase their talent and skills.

At the end of the event, a fun quiz was held, which added a fun element to the whole event. The audience students actively participated in the quiz and received prizes for correct answers. This not only added excitement to the event but also ensured that the attendees retained the knowledge that they had gained from the event.

Overall, the Huawei ICT Briefing event was highly informative and engaging, and TRAC Society deserves praise for organizing such an excellent event. The attendees left the event feeling inspired and motivated to participate in the Huawei ICT competition and excel in their careers.