The Taxilian Robotics and Automation Club (TRAC) held an orientation session for the new batch of 2022. The session was aimed at introducing the new students to their degree program, the courses they will be studying, credit hours, and examination policies.

The event was attended by all the teacing staff, including the advisor of TRAC, Dr. Naveed Khan Baloch, along with Dr. Waqar Ahmed and other respected teachers. Additionally, the honorable Chairman of the Computer Engineering and Technology Department, Dr. Hafiz Adnan Habib, graced the occasion with his presence and shared his valuable insights with the new batch.

During the orientation, the students were provided with a comprehensive overview of their degree program, including the curriculum and course structure. They were also given information about the examination policies, grading criteria, and academic calendar.

The session proved to be highly informative for the students, as they got a chance to interact with their teachers and ask any questions they had regarding their studies. The event was a great success, with the students expressing their satisfaction and appreciation for the effort put in by the TRAC Society.

Overall, the orientation session was an excellent opportunity for the new batch of students to get familiar with their academic journey and the resources available to them. TRAC Society is committed to providing its students with the best possible academic and extracurricular experience, and this orientation is just one of the many ways it achieves this goal.