On Thursday, 7 September 2023, the TRAC Society hosted an enlightening seminar focusing on the UGRAD Exchange program. Areesha Khattak, a proud UGRAD alumnus from the fall of 2021, was the chosen speaker for the day. With her firsthand experience, Areesha presented a comprehensive overview of the program, ensuring that all attendees left with a clear understanding of the process.

Areesha’s discussion covered everything from the initial application process to the essential documents required. She also touched upon the intricacies of the online application, emphasizing its importance in making a lasting impression. Perhaps one of the most awaited segments of her talk was about crafting the perfect statement of purpose. Here, she shared invaluable tips based on her personal journey, underscoring the importance of authenticity and clarity.

The seminar’s atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, as attendees listened intently to Areesha’s insights. Many left feeling more confident about their prospects of joining the UGRAD Exchange program, armed with knowledge from someone who had successfully navigated the journey. The seminar was a testament to the TRAC Society’s commitment to empowering students with the right information, making international educational opportunities more accessible.

By the seminar’s close, it was evident: under TRAC Society’s auspices and Areesha’s guidance, attendees left not just informed, but genuinely inspired, ready to embark on their UGRAD odyssey.